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RLA comes out against Shelter’s newest reform plan

Shelter's model for lettings in the UK has come under fire from a report commissioned by the Residential Landlord's Association, which states that the proposals outlined would only serve to 'fatally undermine' the private

Agents advised to display deposits as well as fees

The deadline for compliance to the new advertising regulations for letting agents is November 1 and the advertising watchdog along with consumer organisation Which? will be paying close attention its implementation. Agents have been

Citizens Advice Bureau defends letting agent “witch hunt”

The Citizens Advice Bureau has been forced onto the defensive after a Northamptonshire letting agent accused it of "targeting" letting agents. The controversy comes in the wake of an online survey by the

Public confused by unregulated agents

Public confused by unregulated agents The Tory MP for Rugby, Mark Pawsey, has claimed that tenants are puzzled by the lack of regulation for letting agents in England and Wales, particularly considering the regulation

A watchdog that won't bark? ARLA criticised over letting agent collapse

Ajay Jagota, letting agent with KIS Lettings, has criticised ARLA over the controversial recent collapse of Charterhouse lettings. ARLA have, however, responded with a statement that they acted appropriately as soon as they were aware

Liquidated ARLA member agent collapses owing £75,000

  An Essex-based letting agency which was a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents has gone into liquidation. Furthermore, the company has been the subject of complaints to the police, with sources alleging

Scottish letting agents to be consulted on new regulatory measures

Regulation of letting agents in Scotland is set to increase - but the Scottish government has promised that landlords and agents will be consulted as the new level of regulation is implemented. A

Rent in advance is not a deposit

The Court of Appeal has made a landmark ruling, decreeing that the payment of rent in advance does not count as a deposit. The decision comes from the case of Johnson vs. Old, which

Half of UK Landlords do not hire an Agent

  New figures suggest that half of the landlords in the country are not using a letting agent - suggesting that there are considerable growth opportunities out there for agents who are prepared to

Government hint at U-turn on letting industry control

  The biggest debate in the lettings industry over the last year has been the ongoing saga of regulation. Should letting agents be treated as estate agents? Or would a raft of new