Carrying out a Landlord Reference
















Carrying out a Landlord Reference

Conducting a previous landlord reference is undoubtedly a very important step in online tenant referencing. It takes just a few minutes to submit and can very quickly uncover who your tenant really is. The previous landlord of your tenant can tell you all you need to know before you get that lease signed.

Landlord references should be conducted at the same time that you carry out your tenant credit check and as well as getting an employer's reference. This free reference asks a landlord a few key questions about the tenant whist they were staying at the property, the information gathered can make that 'to rent or not to rent' question much easier. A landlord who has had experience with a particular tenant can answer some of those niggling questions. You can find out if the tenant you are considering managed to pay their rent on time, if they are recommended, how long they occupied the property and even what their previous rent was.

This particular type of reference can open the door or close it on tenants for good reasons. A previous landlord who gives a bad reference of their old tenant does so for a reason, to warn other unsuspecting landlords of non-paying or troublesome tenants. A potential tenant who has a glowing landlord reference is a good way to weed out the bad and rent to the best!

Lettingref provides free previous landlord references to make life easier for all. It's quick and easy for everyone involved with all information stored in one place.

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