Carrying out an Employer Reference



Carrying out an Employer Reference

You may wonder what an employer reference can tell you about your tenant and how it can help in the whole tenant referencing process. Discovering more about your tenants employment can give you piece of mind that your tenant is in employment and is employed in the job they have told you.

When you first register your potential tenant's interest in your rental property, you will have taken all their personal details, previous landlord details and employment information. Finding out a tenant's salary will allow you to calculate how much of their monthly salary will go towards rent and if the rental is a realistic and affordable venture. The employer reference check will allow you to confirm that the salary stated by the potential tenant is correct so real projections of affordability can be made.

The employer reference for landlords will also ease the mind that the tenant is in employment on the basis stated. For instance, a tenant may claim to be in full-time work, when in fact they are on contract work which is not permanent making any rental payment after the conclusion of that contact unaffordable.

The employer reference is more about confirming the financial stability and future of your tenant. If all looks good and the employer can confirm that the tenant works for them and is paid the salary they stated then you can relax knowing that rent won't be problem.

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