Scottish letting agents to be consulted on new regulatory measures

iStock_000007428692XSmallRegulation of letting agents in Scotland is set to increase - but the Scottish government has promised that landlords and agents will be consulted as the new level of regulation is implemented.

A new paper lays out the Scottish Parliament's plan for the private lettings sector. The paper's release was accompanied by a conciliatory statement from the Government, saying that the state "does not have a monopoly on good ideas. In order to deliver on the vision for the sector, we will engage with all of our partners on their innovative ideas."

This may provide some level of hope for agents that their interests will not simply be steamrollered over as the Scottish rental sector follows the recent trend for increased regulation of private rentals. The paper follows recent rule changes in Scotland including mandatory deposit protection for tenants, and the criminalisation of agent's fees other than rent and deposit payments, such as "admin fees".

The new developments recognise the growth of the private rental sector in the country: in 2011, 11% of households in Scotland were private lets, and this figure is expected to grow further.


Response to new regulation for Scottish letting agents

Ian Potter, the managing director of the Association of Residential Letting Agents,  gave a positive reaction to the recent developments, saying on behalf of ARLA that "we welcome the proposals."

"We look forward to working with the Scottish Government on furthering these actions, to ensure tenants and landlords are better protected.

"ARLA has been calling for regulation of the sector across the UK for a number of years and, as more and more people rent rather than own their home, it is vital that legislation is introduced."

CKD Galbraith also responded positively to the Scottish Government's paper on rental reform.


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