Tenant Screening

Screening tenants online couldn't be easier than with Lettingref. Our user-friendly tenant referencing application provides instant credit check results for only £9.99. Conducting tenant screening reports for potential tenants is an important process for landlords and letting agents throughout the UK.

Signing-up to Lettingref allows users to complete full background checks on any potential tenant or guarantor. The system is easy to use and can save you time as well. Login to your account and fill in the tenant's details (or email them and get the tenant to do this for you), add in the past address history and get ready to see instant credit score results. We'll provide your credit check results in a simple format with important information on financial history, past addresses, arrears and CCJs giving you the confidence to accept only the best tenants who have applied.

Lettingref provide the full tenant vetting reports service with FREE online past landlord and employer references. This fast and efficient system will enable you to collect email references by just entering the name and email addresses of the referees you are contacting. By using our simple email survey you can find out a potential tenant's salary, if they paid their last landlord on time and if they are in temporary or permanent employment.

Vetting tenants isn't just about finding the unreliable renter but finding good, reliable tenants who will pay you on time and look after you property. Whether you are a private landlord or letting agent we can help you dig a bit deeper to protect your investment from rogue renters. With our thorough tenants screening process Lettingref can help you find the tenants that you deserve.

Sign up today and received 1 Free Credit check when you make your first purchase.