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Citizens Advice Bureau defends letting agent “witch hunt”

The Citizens Advice Bureau has been forced onto the defensive after a Northamptonshire letting agent accused it of "targeting" letting agents. The controversy comes in the wake of an online survey by the

Court of Appeal exposes landlords to legal action

Last month's ruling by the Court of Appeal could mean that private landlords who unwittingly broke the law with regard to deposit protection will face legal action from their tenants. The ruling, which has

Rent in advance is not a deposit

The Court of Appeal has made a landmark ruling, decreeing that the payment of rent in advance does not count as a deposit. The decision comes from the case of Johnson vs. Old, which

Did the Government turn down free tenant-checking service?

The Queen's Speech in May raised the controversial issue of landlords being forced to pay for immigration checks on their tenants. Now it seems that the government may have had the opportunity three years

Landlords to deal with anti-social tenants – or risk losing rent

Landlords to deal with anti-social tenants - or risk losing rent Landlords in England and Wales could be legally obliged to follow their Scottish counterparts' example, and register with a local council. This would give

Queen's Speech hands immigration regulation to landlords

Measures announced in last week's Queen's Speech will place extra pressure on private landlords, as they will now be obliged to vet tenants, due to changes to the rules on immigration. The Speech, which

Universal Credit causes huge increase in arrears

Rent arrears have risen by up to sevenfold in the wake of the decision to pay social housing tenants' benefits to them, rather than directly to their landlords. The scheme, known as Universal

Deposit Protection Boost for Tenants in Scotland

A deposit protection scheme for tenants in Scotland was passed by the Scottish Parliament on the 4th of March this year. The law will come into force later in 2011 and is a

Typical Bad Tenants – How to Avoid the Nightmares

If you've been a landlord for a while, chances are you'll have come across a variety of different tenants. Read on below to read about five of the most common types of tenant

Rogue Landlord Complaints on the Rise

Rogue landlords are nothing new. However, with a rise of 40% in the last five years in the number of people renting privately, it's perhaps no surprise that complaints have increased too. Shelter