How it works

Checking tenants online couldn't be quicker than with Lettingref

Lettingref is an online tenant referencing and credit checking system that allows you to easily and quickly credit-check prospective tenants.  For prices as low as £6 per check you get all the information you need to enable you to make an informed decision about your tenant.

As well as a credit score on your client, Lettingref also provides you with a number of free tools to make your job a little easier.  We offer document storage, free reference gathering tools and tenant auto-fill, which allows your tenants to fill their details in themselves online, minimising the amount of work you do for each tenant check.

Here's a basic overview of how it works

1. Collect tenant details

When you have a prospective tenant (or guarantor) you want to check, simply have them fill out and sign our offline form.  You can enter their details straight into Lettingref.

If you'd rather not do all the typing, our "auto-fill" option lets tenants fill in their own details online, so you don't have to!

2. Complete tenant details on the Lettingref system

Once you have your tenant's personal details and address history, you have all the information you need to carry out a check.  Simply enter their details straight into Lettingref.

(if you asked your tenant to complete their own details you'll be able to skip this step).

3. Check your tenant

When the Lettingref system has all the information it needs to carry out a check on your tenant you will see a green "check now" button.

Clicking this button initiates an instant check and you will have a report within seconds.