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1 in 5 tenants may incur their landlord fines under new immigration laws

The new measures to combat illegal immigration announced in the Queen's Speech earlier on this year continue to court controversy both in the industry and outside of it. The rules place the onus

RLA comes out against Shelter’s newest reform plan

Shelter's model for lettings in the UK has come under fire from a report commissioned by the Residential Landlord's Association, which states that the proposals outlined would only serve to 'fatally undermine' the private

Scottish letting agents to be consulted on new regulatory measures

Regulation of letting agents in Scotland is set to increase - but the Scottish government has promised that landlords and agents will be consulted as the new level of regulation is implemented. A

Court of Appeal exposes landlords to legal action

Last month's ruling by the Court of Appeal could mean that private landlords who unwittingly broke the law with regard to deposit protection will face legal action from their tenants. The ruling, which has