Court prosecutes landlord after guilty plea

iStock_000019210149XSmallAn Ilford landlord has been embroiled in an alarming prosecution that involved the record number of offences ever seen in Redbridge Council, Greater London.

The landlord in question, Amarjit Sanger, had been letting five Houses in Multiple Occupation where, according to authorities, conditions were so poor the lives of the tenants occupying the properties were being put in regular danger.

After discovering the unsavoury and overcrowded premises the council took Sanger to court.  Some of his tenants were reportedly living in cellars with no access to natural light or ventilation, there were also gas leaks, poor drainage, plus a lack of handrails, banisters and fire doors.

None of Mr Sanger's properties had been properly converted into HMOs, and there were no records of planning or building consent.  The council served an emergency prohibition order on one of the properties to quickly ensure its occupants were removed from the dangerous surroundings, however they found people still living there six months later.

Michelle Dunn, cabinet member for housing at Redbridge Council, said: "In terms of the number of offences, to date this is the largest prosecution in the history of the borough.

"Redbridge is working hard to help drive up standards in the private rented sector, and while the vast majority of landlords manage their properties well, there are some who flout the law and place their tenants' lives at risk."

Sanger pleaded guilty to a total of 75 Housing Act offences and has been ordered to pay nearly £40,000.  The properties in question are no longer in use as HMOs and the council says the landlord has carried out a major renovation programme.

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