Are we becoming a nation of renters?

32 coloured British doors

Rental properties in the UK are on the increase proving that Britain is seeing the value of renting versus buying. Last year saw figures of 692,766 (9.14% up on previous year) rental properties and 769,077 (1.54% down on previous year) secondhand for sale properties on the market.

A significant increase in the rental properties and perhaps signs of a trend set to continue.

A new rental class

Gone are the days that 'renting' is seen as a poor man's existence; in fact, these days renting has actually created a class of person, all on it's own in the UK.

Tenants are demanding more from their letting agents and landlords to give them the quality of service they deserve for their monthly rental payments.

Landlord's are having to look at a higher spec of fixtures and fittings and with the digital age, those who embrace the many new services like digital TV, radio, broadband and music on demand, amongst other technologies are bound to gain a longer term let with a satisfied tenant.

Nation of renters

With the difficulty an individual or couple now faces of raising extortionate deposits to get on the property ladder, Britain looks set to join other European countries in the more popular, economical and carefree rental market as the favoured choice for UK residents.

According to Savills, one in five households might be renting by 2016 which is extremely good news for letting agents and landlords looking to broaden their horizons and increase their returns. This prediction will take investment, however, with likely over one million extra rental homes required nationwide to satisfy the demand. Savills also reported that renters in the UK paid in and around £45bn in rent to private landlords last year, with this set to rise to £70bn within five years, going on the predicted trends.

Director of Savills residential research, Lucian Cook, said: "Meeting the growing demand for private renting and the changing profile of tenant demand are perhaps the greatest challenges facing both the housing industry and policy makers."

Protect your investment

Detect high-risk, undesirable or fraudulent tenants before you let your property to them. Our unique online tenant referencing system analyses personal data held by credit reference agencies to identify undesirable, high risk or fraudulent prospective tenants. Sign up to carry out a credit check.

Source - Experian and Letting Agent Today

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