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UK Tenants Struggling with Rental Payments

Recent research has found that the UK letting market is feeling the negative affects of the credit crunch with many letting agents in the UK reporting that tenants are struggling to keep their

Tenant Referencing and Credit Checks – Don’t Gamble with Your Property

How much is your property worth in terms of resale value, rental income and your financial future? Don't take a gamble when you're looking for new tenants, why give your keys to a virtual

Typical Bad Tenants – How to Avoid the Nightmares

If you've been a landlord for a while, chances are you'll have come across a variety of different tenants. Read on below to read about five of the most common types of tenant

Rogue Landlord Complaints on the Rise

Rogue landlords are nothing new. However, with a rise of 40% in the last five years in the number of people renting privately, it's perhaps no surprise that complaints have increased too. Shelter