Tenant Credit Check

Screening potential tenants can be done in many different ways - by far the quickest and easiest approach is the Lettingref online tenant credit check. A tenant search needn't be time consuming or complicated. Online checks bring back fast and accurate results, which won't keep you waiting.

Tenant credit checks allow the landlord or letting agent to get a fuller picture of the potential tenants financial history and if they can afford to rent the property. The Lettingref tenant credit report will provide a detailed look at payment history, CCJs and Arrears and bankruptcy and insolvencies. It'll also take a look at past address history to ensure the details the tenant has provided are correct.

Running a credit check for tenants is a valuable process for landlords and letting agents in order to protect their property. Tenant credit reports will bring back significant information to help you decide which tenant to chose. Financial responsibility is a key indicator as to whether a tenant will pay rent on time. By simply getting a tenant credit score and making an informed decision you are saving time and money in the long run. We all know how stressful bad tenants can be, chasing payments and getting into disputes is a situation we would all like to avoid.

Lettingref gets all its information from a credit reference agency and presents it in a format that is designed specifically for letting agents and landlords, making the process easy and simple for your business. Our Credit Reports are printable and available in PDF forms that are accessible 24/7 from your account.

Protecting your property investment by accurately checking your tenants' credit score will be the easiest decision you make. You can feel confident that you have a good tenant and that future disputes will be avoided.

One credit check with Lettingref costs just £9.99. Sign-Up to LettingRef today, and feel confident in choosing the right tenant for the future.