Tenant Check

Conducting a tenant check on a potential renter is essential to confirm that the information they have provided you with is accurate and correct. Most of the time you'll find no discrepancies, but when you find a tenant who has something to hide you'll be glad you checked.

One of the most recognized methods of conducting tenant screening or tenant checks is through an online reference check. Through this method you can easily check tenants' previous landlords and employer information by sending them a reference to complete. The best part is that Lettingref gives this service away to customers for FREE; you only have to pay for the credit check.

Lettingref's email tenant checking system is a smart and easy way to organise your references. All you need is the name and email address of the referee and you're ready to go. We send out a quick a survey for the referee to complete online while they are at their computer.

So why collect past landlord and employer references?

By completing comprehensive tenant checking as a landlord or letting agent you are protecting your property from undesirable tenants. A past landlord reference can supply insights in to previous experiences with the tenant and the employer reference can prove that the tenant is in stable employment. Lettingref's tenant checker reference system asks all the questions needed to collect a detailed reference and then stores them all in one place. We ask landlords if the tenant paid on time, if the tenant looked after the property and if the tenant is recommended. We request that employers confirm the tenant's salary and how long they have held had their current position.

Its doesn't have to cost the earth to reference and credit check your tenant, with LettingRef you can check tenant information easily and effortlessly at only £9.99 per credit check with access to FREE tenant referencing.

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