Why choose LettingRef?

Intuitive & Friendly User Interface

Once you have logged in to your Lettingref account you will always be taken to your Dashboard where you can see an overview of all the references you have in progress.

Instant Credit Check

A Credit Risk Score attempts to condense a borrower's credit history into a single number. The Gauge credit risk score provides a fast, objective and consistent measurement of the credit risk associated with each tenant based on information contained in their credit report.

Landlord Referencing

If you want to request a previous Landlord reference, Lettingref will send an email to the tenant's previous Landlord asking them to fill out a short form verifying details such as rental dates, whether the tenant paid on time and if they looked after the property.

Who uses LettingRef?

Lettingref is used by some of the biggest names in the business, and results of a recent user survey showed that an amazing 100% of customers agreed that Lettingref saved time from the traditional tenant referencing methods. Some comments from our customers are below.

Lettingref is by far the easiest credit referencing system we have used and we had tried most of them before we settled on Lettingref!

Simon Fisher, Absolute Estate Agents

Lettingref has proved to be a quick and secure method of referencing tenants for our company. At Stoneacre we tested various referencing products on the market and we have found, without doubt the best online referencing service with Lettingref. I would without question, recommend their service to all UK based estate agencies.

Ben Jacobs, Stoneacre Properties

I find Lettingref extremely easy to use and good value for money. The website is clear and easy to input data into. We also find it very convenient for our clients that we can obtain an instant answer to our credit checks making it easy to provide a good service to our landlords and tenants.

Nicky Featherstone, Stones Estate Agents

At Cornerstone Letting we have been using the letting ref system for years and find it to be an excellent way to gather tenant suitability information quickly and easily

Cornerstone Letting Agents, Cornerstone Letting Agents

9% Property Management have found Lettingref to be a reliable and cost effective way of conducting credit checks on our prospective tenants.

Stewart Sutherland, 9% Property Management

The Lettingref system is an essential part of our letting business enabling Landlord Direct who are large online letting agents to streamline their service without compromising professionalism.

Mark Hutchings, Owner, Landlord Direct

Lettingref has proved to be an efficient and cost effective method for our company to reference tenants securely. We have found that Lettingref offer the best online credit checking and referencing product in the market place in terms of cost and user experience. I would highly recommend Lettingref to all UK letting agents.

Byram Tavadia, Group Managing Director, Zone Letting

Join Lettingref today for a hassle-free letting experience

Checking tenants online couldn't be easier than with Lettingref. Our user-friendly tenant referencing application provides instant credit check results for only £9.99*. Conducting tenant screening for potential tenants is an important process for landlords and letting agents throughout the UK.

List any CCJs or bankruptcies and see any undisclosed addresses for only £9.99* in only a minute from start to finish. Try now and take advantage of our free credit check offer. We'll show you: Credit Score, Financial history, Arrears / CCJs, and previous addresses.

Combined with a quick and easy way to collect references from employers and previous landlords, it all adds up to the best way to vet tenants online. See how we compare with the other leading online tenant reference websites!